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Residential Service


Tritz Plumbing specializes in Residential Remodeling and improvements for the kitchen and bathroom. We will inspect the site, review your plans, talk over your project and provide you with a free estimate and written proposal. We can even coordinate the carpentry, concrete work, tile work and other trades to give you a complete job proposal. We work with a group of contractors including carpenters, tile setters, shower door manufacturers, vanity top makers, electricians, etc. that takes the worry and coordinating efforts off the homeowner.

Our plumbing supply houses have showrooms open to the public with a large variety of high-quality plumbing fixtures on display for you to choose from. This includes such items as water closets, faucets, sinks, tubs, shower units and whirlpools.

For any questions you may have about our services, please contacts us today.

Repair and Service

Tritz Plumbing performs all types of plumbing repairs such as water heaters, kitchen sinks & faucets, disposals, lavatory faucets, tub/shower faucets, whirlpools, toilets, urinals, outside sill faucets, water meters, shut-off valves, pressure reducing valves, waste, vent & water piping, gas piping, drain cleaning, and sewer camera inspection.

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